Crucial Tips That Can Help Boost Your Website Design

If within five seconds of visiting your website, your visitors are not able to get an idea of what your company does and they feel that navigating from one section to the other is time consuming then it’s high time for you to reconsider the designing and optimizing aspects of your website. A good website has a design that boosts user experience and functionality. Services of web designer Canberra ensure that their clients get access to websites that feed on user functionality and complements their content. Here’s a look at the essential web design tips that can help you in improving your website design:

Create a plan
Before getting started with designing your website, it is important for you to make sure that it efficiently meets the needs of your visitors. You need to understand your user’s journey from the time they first visit your website to the time they become your customer. Consider the pages they would be viewing and the type of offers they would be considering. This will help you in creating a website that will nurture leads.

Include buttons for follow and social share
In case your website presently does not has social share buttons, you might be missing out on a great amount of social media traffic that gets generated from people reading your blog. Social sharing buttons are non-pushy and encourage sharing your content from your buyer personas.

Incorporate CTA
When your visitors visit your website, they need to get an idea of the pages they need to view and the actions they should take. CTA (Call-to-action) buttons are the elements that guide the next step your user should take on a page. Devote time to add in CTAs that offer users content to educate themselves and help in resolving their pain points. Once your users find out that your company offers materials that are resolving their issues, they’ll feel comfortable researching your services and utilizing your solutions.

Navigation is a key component when it comes to designing a website. While improving the navigation of your website, it is vital to make sure that your visitors can easily get access to what they are searching for. Important characteristics of a good navigation bar include streamlined content, responsive design and navigation hierarchy. If your users cannot find what they are searching for, they will not stay on your website. Web designer Canberra experts ensure that their designing services offer users with a good website navigation that speeds up their search process and offers them a good idea of what the website is exactly about.

Make use of the right images
Not all images go well with the kind of message you are trying to deliver to your audience. When it comes to selecting images for a website, one can get access to a lot of resources to choose and many such resources provide access to free images. Do not bombard your website with stocky images as they do not look genuine and fail to evoke trust in your services. Utilize photos that depict images of real people who work in your company. If it’s not possible for you to utilize real photos, there are certain techniques available that let you select the right kind of stock image.

Mobile optimization
It has been shown that around 80 percent of users access the internet on their mobile phones. Users, if they are having trouble to access your website on their mobile, are unlikely to return to your website and would rather visit your competitors’ websites. Thus, it is extremely important for you to tailor your website to best fit the requirements of your visitors. In case your website lacks in good mobile optimization, you can visit other mobile websites to get an idea of how they have crafted a seamless mobile experience.

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